Who is 2nd Look Laptops?

We don’t take someone’s old computer, clean it up, and resell it. If you are looking to sell your old computer, we won’t buy it. Our computers come directly from Dell®, or a refurbishing company, and are backed by a three year warranty.

We don’t sell consumer grade computers, we sell business grade computers.


What’s the difference?

Consumer grade computers look great on paper and are fairly inexpensive, but they suffer short life-spans. Consumer grade electronics are mass-produced. They are made with lots of bells and whistles, but not for longevity. They come with a warranty that matches their expected life-span and are expected to be replaced on a regular basis.

If you want a computer that is going to last a long time, like they used to, you have to spend a little more for it. Business grade computers are made to last and have a long warranty just in case there is an issue. Business grade electronics are assembled to order. Some manufacturers, like Dell®, offer these computers to companies like 2nd Look Laptops. Many times these models are Dell® re-manufactured computers or Dell® demo computers including: order cancellations, factory demonstrations, inspection or instructional units. We also offer Dell® new computers.

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