Your Needs Come First

Buying a computer should not be an impulse decision. All too often, “big box” stores lure customers with “great deals.”

You end up buying what they have rather than what you require. For 10 years we’ve taken a different approach that starts with the most important element — your needs.

We LOOK at what you need from your computer, and then find you the perfect machine. If you already have a computer, there’s no pressure to buy a new system, especially when it’s working well and does what you need! Let’s take a 2nd LOOK at what you have, so you can make an informed decision to either upgrade or buy a new computer.

We can also help you look at various accessories: battery back-ups, auto DC/AC converters, travel flash drives (memory keys) or external hard drives that protect your equipment and data.

Let’s LOOK at Your Options

Our business name lets you know that we sell very affordable, business grade equipment:

  • Dell® re-manufactured computers.
    After a short-term lease these machines are extensively rebuilt by Dell®. 2nd Look Laptops also runs them through their own bench test before offering them to customers.
  • Dell® demo computers.
    Order cancellations, factory demonstrations, inspection or instructional units – they all come with NEW warranties at great savings.
  • Dell® new computers.
    If your needs require the most current technology, we also sell new Dell® computers and always at a savings to you.