Three Year Warranty on ALL Computers

All our computers come with a three year warranty. Refurbished computers are covered by our refurbishing company while all computers coming from Dell® are covered by their warranty. There may be a few exceptions to the three year warranty, and they are listed in the estimate when applicable. The warranties cover hardware only, not software.

Refurbished Warranty

Even though they are Dell® computers, our refurbished computers are covered by our refurbishing company, not Dell®. If a refurbished computer has a hardware issue it needs to come back to us. We will RMA it to the refurbishing company and they will repair the unit. From the point when the computer gets shipped out to the refurbishing company to when it comes back to 2nd Look Laptops can take about a month. It’s a slower process, but the refurbishing company is very good at covering repairs, and this works out well in cases where the customer can live without their computer for a while if need be.

Parts are covered by the warranty, but not labor. If a hard drive died it would be replaced, but it comes without the operating system installed. We can leave the hard drive for the customer to re-install and there would just be shipping charges, or we could re-install the operating system and there would be a labor charge along with the shipping charges.

Officially accidental damage is not covered under the warranty. So something like a cracked screen would not be covered, but a screen going black (back light going out) would be covered. For laptops the battery is not covered. It is a recovered battery, not a new one, and it lasts however long it lasts. Usually refurbished laptops get about one hour of charge on the battery they come with. The batteries can be replaced, but most people leave their laptops plugged in all the time and we don’t recommend replacing the battery unless you plan on using the battery.

Near New / New Warranty

These computers are covered by Dell’s® next business day on-site warranty. If you have a problem with a computer, call Dell’s® number (800-456-3355) for 24-7 support. When the automated message asks what you are calling for say “technical support.” Have your Service Tag number and Express Service Code ready. Dell® technical support will work with you to determine if you have a hardware issue with your computer. It is the business side, not the consumer side. They usually speak English well and are easy to work with.

If there is a hardware problem, Dell® will send a technician to your location usually the next business day. Occasionally something will happen to delay this, but it is uncommon. If a hard drive has gone bad Dell® may request to just send a replacement hard drive. You can tell them you feel uncomfortable changing out the hard drive yourself if you prefer to have them send a technician to do the work and they will usually do that.

Like the refurbished warranty, the standard Dell® warranty does not cover accidental damage. Dell® is more finicky than the refurbishing company when it comes to accidental damage. Accidental coverage is available on request.